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Bichon Havanese Puppy

Stop Looking at me like that!

"Havanese" means "Natural"

When they look at you they steal your heart...they are Playfull, Active, Cheerful, Amazingly cute and when they walk on the floor you feel like expensive silk ball moving.

The Havanese basically originated from cuba and they belog to Bichon family. Bichon is group of Toy Dogs.

In Havanese case, size doesn't matter. Instead Havanese say "Small is Powerful". Though looks small don't under estimate they are not fragile or delicate. In fact Havanese dogs are strudy in nature.

Originally Havanese dogs are all white color, but the morden Havanese breeds comes in various colors.

They are Excellent playmate and naturally have inclination towards childrens and other pets in the family but they are not possessive. Havanese are clever and active and they like to perform tricks to draw attention to their human conter parts.

Havanese grows coat and they are not shedding type. So it needs to brushed, groomed and bathed in a regular basis to maintain the good health of your puppy otherwise it will bring allergies to the dog.

As the proud owner of Wendall an 11 week old Havanese puppy of white and silver color and an incredible soft coat. He is tremendously alert, fearless without naturaly destructive puppy tendencies, and an avid explorer. He fit in to our pack immediately coexisting nicely with his elder "brothers" Happy a nine year old miniature poodle and Benjamin a four year old English Springer Spaniel.

We are delighted with the Havanese. Small is powerful.

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