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Ya! we talk about toy dog with this exception..

Monday, October 09, 2006

Havanese Bichon Puppies Racing

Three cute Havanese puppies race towards the finish line!!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pet Lovers: Web Site Offers Unique Musical Greeting Cards for Dog

(OPENPRESS) Octoober 8, 2006 -- Woodmere, NY -- Finding the right greeting card to give to dog and cat lovers has always been a challenge, but Janice Roberts has created a new CD MusiCard that is sure to be a hit.

Roberts, a songwriter, has created a line of CD MusiCards for many occasions, and now has two new versions for dog lovers and for cat lovers. This is not a typical card that will be read and then tossed away. This is one card that will be kept and enjoyed for years to come.

"I wanted to create something unique that will enable the giver to touch the heart of the recipient, and make them smile. I also wanted to create a card that will be kept for many, many years -- not just get tossed out with the wrapping paper," explained Roberts.

The cards are available on her web site at She said she created them to be given for birthdays, pet sitters, new pet owners, holidays and special occasions, and as a promotional tool for businesses.
Each card contains a CD with four original songs. Short versions of the songs are available on the web site. The card itself contains the lyrics of each song, as well as a colorful design and message.

"Happy 2B a Dog Lover" cards contain the songs "My Best Friend," "Bath Time," "You're Family," and Nothin' On You." Dog owners love the songs because they identify with the feelings dog owners have for their best friend.

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Havanese can Talk?

The famous media personality Barbara Walters
clams her Havanese dog cha-cha told her "I love you".

Though Havanese are Toy Breeds yet they Make Powerful Statment...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Great Havanese Books

Following Are the Excellent Books on Havanese From Amazon
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Introduction to the havanese: A toy breed

The Joyous Havanese

Havanese Champions, 1995-2003

Havanese (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

Bichon Havanese (Pet Love)

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Hooray! I got it!

Where to Find Havanese Puppy?

Sunny day isn't it!

You should rememmer that Havanese is a rare and costly breed. So Good place to start find a Havanese is in Rescue Center, where you a can adopt a dog and give them a happy home.

Don't get lured by words like "havanese puppies for sale" because there are many people who want to make quick cash on Havanese rarity, so you will end up in cross breed. Getting a quality Havanese is long process so don't hury in this regard and check the breeders credentials before buying.

Greate information and resource like dog health information, training your dog, owner resposibility and regitration can be had from

Also you can check

Bichon Havanese Puppy

Stop Looking at me like that!

"Havanese" means "Natural"

When they look at you they steal your heart...they are Playfull, Active, Cheerful, Amazingly cute and when they walk on the floor you feel like expensive silk ball moving.

The Havanese basically originated from cuba and they belog to Bichon family. Bichon is group of Toy Dogs.

In Havanese case, size doesn't matter. Instead Havanese say "Small is Powerful". Though looks small don't under estimate they are not fragile or delicate. In fact Havanese dogs are strudy in nature.

Originally Havanese dogs are all white color, but the morden Havanese breeds comes in various colors.

They are Excellent playmate and naturally have inclination towards childrens and other pets in the family but they are not possessive. Havanese are clever and active and they like to perform tricks to draw attention to their human conter parts.

Havanese grows coat and they are not shedding type. So it needs to brushed, groomed and bathed in a regular basis to maintain the good health of your puppy otherwise it will bring allergies to the dog.